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FoxApps Connects 36,789 Mobile Apps Based on Shopping Interests
 We Drive You 5-10 Additional Sales Everyday by Sending Targeted Mobile Traffic

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"WOW This FoxApps is a guys who has helped me in my strategy how to do business online by simplifying the process of mobile subscribers. I can not only send notifications to my subscribers but also collect a lot of leads ! Thank you for making this wonderful application for us shopifiers. I recommend 100% if you are in ecommerce business this is the simplest solution to reach your mobile customers directly, do not wait any longer."

- Andre Jr. Co-Founder & CEO at JM & Sons

"Got my first sale in less than 2 days... simply wow... I was looking for a way to extend my shop into mobile market and the results I got are simply amazing... kudos to team"

- Nabil Samadani from SALT SURF

"I've been on Shopify since the early days (I'm store number 83!). I have seen the power of mobile apps and mobile traffic and my gosh, FoxApps takes it on whole new level.... Amazing targeted audience and the best part was absolutely no time eating and fully automating process"

- Janine Vangool from UPPERCASE

"3X More Targeted Traffic than ever before Via This entirely new channel of traffic from FoxApps, Using to for 4 sites already, Great Work Guys.. Keep up the good work"

- Jonathan Levine from Master and Dynamic

Why Mobile Sales is The Easiest Way To Grow

Every Shopify Store is Automatically Mobile Friendly so mobile & tablet visitors are the main trend for the next few years, and now it's 63% of total visitors and everybody has a smartphone or tablet. Comparing to Web, mobile visitors are still x5 cheaper and we know much more about them because we have the app intalled and it shares their behavior and shopping preferences.

We know what items users searched for, what items they buy, what amount they spend and the frequency of purchases.

eCommerce Mobile Traffic 

You Don't Need to Set Any Targeted Campaigns, All FoxApps Needs is Few Fields About Your Customers. The Rest is Magic.

FoxApps automatically builds your audience

Fox Example: You're Selling Shoes and Your Customers Target Country are United States and Canada. 

FoxApps Takes All US & CA visitors, detect everybody who searched for shoes in the last 2 weeks or guys who are likely to spend on shoes based on shopping preferences. It starts showing ads and gets you targeted visitors from Mobile & Tablet. 

Automatically and Spending Zero Minutes of Your Time. Like a Top Seller Manager who is getting $XX,XXX a Month.

A Few Case Studies to Get You Interested

FoxApps Brings You Targeted Mobile Traffic

We Took Four Famous Shopify Stores and Were Sending Them Targeted Mobile Traffic from FoxApps During The 30 Days.

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  • +13% In Mobile Conversion Rates
  • +65% In Mobile Pages per Session
  • Mobile User Generated Ad Revenue 
    Increased by 40%
  • +21% In Mobile Conversion Rates
  • +29% In Mobile Pages per Session
  • Mobile User Generated Ad Revenue 
    Increased by 82%
  • +23% In Mobile Conversion Rates
  • +72% In Mobile Pages per Session
  • Mobile User Generated Ad Revenue 
    Increased by 22%
  • +19% In Mobile Conversion Rates
  • +40% In Mobile Pages per Session
  • Mobile User Generated Ad Revenue 
    Increased by 19%

Get Started in 60 Seconds and Increase Shopify Sales by 96%

Awesome Easy To Read Reporting & Dashboard

We build FoxApps to be very easy to understand for all Shopifiers. You can find detailed reports about your mobile traffic from FoxApps with transparent additional data about your visitors.

What is the Free 7-Day Trial?

14-Days Free Then Just $39/Mo

During The Free Trial We Set You a FoxApps Mobile Traffic Camapaign and Bring You Full Time Sales & Traffic for 14-Days for FREE.

After FREE Trial Ends We Will Charge You $39/Month on Subscription Basis.

No additional charges, no hidden fees and you can cancel your account anytime.


No App Store Approval

Making the user install your app from the store can be a pain in the neck. But with a PWA the user can install the app with just one tap.

Auto Updating

Changes or updates that are implemented on your site will automatically be reflected in the app too! You don’t need to worry about updating code, functionality breakage or anything. If your site is working fine, your app will be rocking as we

Works with limited or 
No internet

PWAs can work offline or with a limited connection just like native app on your phone. And advances cache technology, the images, content and even shopping carts are able to function even no matter how poor the user’s connection may get

PWAs are Great for SEO

PWA’s take less than 2 seconds tos load and this has a marked impact on search engine rankings as faster loading sites receive a ranking boost. Your PWAs will be indexed super quickly too and a great user experience which all add to the success of your SEO strategy

Secure and GDPR Complaint

PWA’s connect via HTTPs so there won’t be any security or data privacy concerns and as far as your site is GDPR ready your PWA will be too. No need to worry about security or any extra stepSecure and GDPR Complaint

Easy to find

Simply share share your website link on any social media, ad, email or even a QR code. The moment they visit the site, it will automatically show them popup to install the app in one click

Direct Deployment

PWAs load directly onto a smartphone user screen without needing an app store download.

Bring Visitors Back

Increase sales by helping you to communicate the right message to right people at right time with push notifications

Ultra Fast 24*7
Dedicated Support

No Coding, Design or
Technical Skills Required

Remarketing for All Mobile Visitors

Complete Step-by-Step  tutorials Included

Newbie Friendly & Fully Cloud-Based Software

Laser Targeted Mobile Visitors for Shopify

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Build Your App in 3 Single Clicks and Increase Shopify Sales by 96%

One More Shopify Tip.

Shopify Store owners are know to spend $1000's on Facebook Ads. This is a Great Opportunity for you, now you can prompt Visitors from your paid ads to install your app. And Once they Install your app you will be able to keep engaging them and selling them more using Push Notifications (on Android Devices). Now get more bang for your buck from Facebook ads.

FoxApps is fast loading best mobile app version of your website which works better than traditional mobile apps or even website

Progressive Apps are favoured by Google, Microsoft & Apple In Recent Updates

Get Additional Sales and Mobile Traffic Automatically Sorted by Shopping Activity

We have 36,789 Mobile Apps with 12 Millions Monthtly Users. We Know Everything About Our Mobile Users and Best Thing we Know is Their PastSshopping Activity & Preferences.

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FoxApps Send You Additional Sales from Highly Targeted 
Mobile Traffic and it Doesn't Require Any Additional Time


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Get 96% More Shopify 

Sales Driving Visitors from Mobile Apps.


Turn Your Website Visitors In App Users

Broadcast Push notification
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Get Over 95% Open rate

Increase Profits and growth up to 3 Times

Works better than traditional mobile apps or even website

Get Mobile App ready In Minutes

Loads lightning fast - Better than website & Traditional mobile apps

Shops like Budwiser, Levis, Lee, Tesla, Starbucks Using It

It’s like Retargeting but 100% free

No Coding Skills Required

No App Store Approval Required

Directly Install the app from the browser

Send Install Link to Users Via Email or Sms

100% GDPR Compliant

Turn Your Website Visitors In App Users

Completely Newbie Friendly

Complete Step-by-Step Video training and tutorials Included

180 Days, No Risk Money Back Guarantee

Ultra Fast 24*7 Dedicated Support 

FAST SUPPORT: Response in 24 Hours

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96% for Shopify Stores Like Levis, Lee, Starbucks, Bellroy

How Fox Apps Work for Your Shopify

So You Login to the Dashboard

Enter the URL of Your Shopify Store

Give Us Few More Details
(Country of Your Customers, Sex, Preferred Activity) 

Click "Get Started" Button

Start Getting Additional Sales

The Customer Booster.

>>>>> We start showing targeted mobile ads for user who match your customer profile, the CTR of such ads is very very high because it's laser focused on their past and current behavior .
Approx. 3% Of Visitors Click and Go to Your Store. It Brings You Sales & Free Remarketing.

Now You Can: 
*  Get Laser Targeted Visitors Based on Past and Current Shopping Behavior

*  FoxApps automatically detect visitors who clicked and show remarketing ads as well. .

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We automatically analyze your customer portrait.

Free Trial Includes Direct Traffic & Remarketing

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